Convenience Meets Savings: Can You Use Walmart Pay at Murphy USA?

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail and convenience, the intersection of two giants Walmart and Murphy USA has sparked curiosity among shoppers seeking both savings and convenience. Many Walmart customers are familiar with Walmart Pay, the retail giant’s mobile payment solution.

However, the question that often arises is, “Can you use Walmart Pay at Murphy USA?” Based on information from the review, we’ll delve into the world of mobile payments, explore the Walmart-Murphy USA partnership, and provide you with the answers you need to make your shopping and refueling experiences even more convenient.

The Rise of Mobile Payments

Mobile payment solutions have revolutionized the way we shop and transact. No longer confined to carrying physical wallets and cash, consumers can now pay for goods and services with just a few taps on their smartphones. One such solution is Walmart Pay, a feature integrated into the Walmart mobile app that allows shoppers to make payments quickly and securely.

Walmart Pay is designed to streamline the shopping experience for Walmart customers. It offers several benefits, including:

1. Convenience: Walmart Pay consolidates payment methods, gift cards, and even receipts in one place, making checkout a breeze.

2. Speed: Payment is as simple as opening the app, scanning a QR code at the register, and confirming the purchase.

3. Security: Walmart Pay employs layers of security to protect user information and transactions, including biometric authentication and tokenization.

4. Savings: The app allows users to store and redeem Walmart gift cards and digital coupons, maximizing savings.

5. Receipt Management:** Walmart Pay keeps track of digital receipts, making returns and order history easily accessible.

Murphy USA and the Walmart Connection

Murphy USA is a retail company primarily known for its chain of gas stations and convenience stores. What sets Murphy USA apart is its close association with Walmart. In fact, many Murphy USA locations are situated in close proximity to Walmart stores or even share parking lots with them. This strategic partnership is designed to enhance the shopping experience for customers of both companies.

Using Walmart Pay at Murphy USA

Now, let’s address the burning question: “Can you use Walmart Pay at Murphy USA?” The answer is a resounding “yes.” Thanks to the Walmart-Murphy USA partnership, you can use Walmart Pay for your fuel purchases and convenience store items at participating Murphy USA locations.

Here’s how to use Walmart Pay at Murphy USA:

1. Download the Walmart App: If you haven’t already, download the Walmart app to your smartphone. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

2. Set Up Walmart Pay: Open the app, sign in to your Walmart account, and set up Walmart Pay. You’ll need to add a payment method, such as a credit or debit card, to your account.

3. Find a Participating Murphy USA Location: Use the store locator feature in the app to find a Murphy USA location near you. Many Murphy USA sites are conveniently located near Walmart stores.

4. Select Murphy USA as Your Payment Method: Once you’re at a participating Murphy USA location and ready to make a purchase, open the Walmart app, and select “Walmart Pay.”

5. Scan the QR Code: At the Murphy USA payment terminal, you’ll find a QR code displayed on the screen. Use the app to scan the QR code.

6. Complete the Payment: Confirm the purchase details, and your payment will be processed. You’ll receive a digital receipt in the app for your records.

7. Enjoy the Convenience: With Walmart Pay, you’ve not only paid securely but also made your shopping experience more convenient.

Benefits of Using Walmart Pay at Murphy USA

Using Walmart Pay at Murphy USA offers several advantages:

1. Seamless Integration: The convenience of using a single app for both Walmart and Murphy USA transactions simplifies the payment process.

2. Track Expenses: Walmart Pay keeps a record of your Murphy USA transactions, making it easier to track your fuel and convenience store expenses.

3. Savings Opportunities: By using Walmart Pay, you can take advantage of any Walmart-specific discounts, promotions, or cashback offers that apply to your Murphy USA purchases.

4. Efficiency: The speed and ease of Walmart Pay mean you spend less time at the payment terminal and more time on your way.

5. Security: Walmart Pay employs advanced security measures, such as tokenization and biometric authentication, to protect your financial information.

Walmart Pay and Contactless Payment Trends

The adoption of contactless payment methods, including mobile payments like Walmart Pay, has surged in recent years. This trend has been further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which highlighted the importance of touchless transactions for hygiene and safety reasons. As a result, more businesses, including gas stations and convenience stores like Murphy USA, have embraced mobile payment options to cater to changing consumer preferences.


In the world of modern retail and convenience, the ability to use Walmart Pay at Murphy USA locations is a game-changer. This partnership between two retail giants not only simplifies the payment process but also offers added benefits, such as savings opportunities and enhanced transaction security.

So, the next time you pull into a Murphy USA or Chevron gas station payment or visit their convenience store, remember that you can enjoy the convenience of Walmart Pay for your purchases. It’s a fusion of savings and seamless transactions that brings a new level of ease to your shopping and refueling experiences.

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